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The Jack & Jack brand was born in 1979 with the purchase of part of my family for a space in via Dala Gesa.
I am the eldest of seven brothers, the eldest son of Emilio and Sunday, extraordinary couple of incredible strength.

I soon realized to be brought for trade and to have a predisposition for business, I liked the clothing, fashion, research, and I have sensed from the beginning that Jack & Jack would have been one thing mine, which could grow and evolve and that in it I could develop my ideas.
Jack & Jack has always brought the top ski apparel and denim, we were the first space in Livigno believe and propose snowboard clothing and streetwear, but also the first to change when our competitors have started to sell the brands same sector.

Over the years Livigno and Jack & Jack have changed a lot, they always brought the best and innovated continuously, attracting many families but also a young and dynamic clientele, especially internationally.

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